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Dovvnload Free PicShrink, PicShrink 2.4.1 Dovvnload

BrothersoftEditor: PicShrink is image compression software to optimize JPG-, GIF- & PNG - Formats. Main function is to rescale the document size and reduce file size with perfect Quality Balance. After Dovvnloading PicShrink you can use the program 10 days for FREE. PicShrink will Ask you to register when opening and closing the program. Features:Create internet friendly images!With PicShrink you can easily optimize images created by your digital camera, scanner or paint programs to reduce file size or change resolution. Convert your originals into thumbnails or small preview images in no time. Perfect for your website, web gallery or email. WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get!In preview mode PicShrink compares original and new picture. Settings in quality and size of a picture are shown in “real time”. You get an impression of the optimized picture. Multiple file shrink: compress tons of images in one step:Let the computer do the work for you. Just open multiple files or a complete folder with picture data inside and the rest will be done by your new fellow: Mr.Shrink. Picture editing – a little coverageWith PicShrink you can retouch your pictures. Adjust lightningand contrast, rotate and scale pictures. Add a watermark or Border to your images. Shrink & Mail - flexible handlingOur established feature to send optimized pictures direct via email. This feature is also used in our PowerPoint compression solution „PowerShrink“. Picture size – a Complex interplayPictures are shown in pixels, instead of centimeter. PicShrink shows the size of the picture and resolution and you can adjust the optimal balance Between print data and internet data. More Features:- Read Exif Data- Quality Control- 2-UP Preview Window- Add border to pictures- Multi Picture Compressing- Mirror and Rotate - Image & Text Watermark- Brightness & Contrast- Shrink & Mail- Save Settings you can free dovvnload PicShrink 2.4.1 now.

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